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St Mary's PS Dechomet, Castlewellan

News - Mrs O'Callaghan

12th May 2021
Pupils from Mrs O'Callaghan's class have successfully completed the Cycling Proficiency...
10th May 2021
Mrs O'Callaghan's class enjoying PE with Francis.
10th May 2021
Year 6 & 7 enjoyed the jungle being brought into the classroom. They were able...
27th Apr 2021
Mrs O'Callaghan's class enjoyed their Accelerated Reading in the sun.
26th Mar 2021
Year 6 & 7 displaying their Easter Art.
23rd Nov 2020
Year 6 & 7 had a fun morning learning all about time during numeracy.
20th Nov 2020
Mrs O'Callaghan's class, united against bullying, acted out scenes for Anti-Bullying...
10th Nov 2020
Year 6 & 7 thoroughly enjoyed their first training session with Eamonn.
10th Nov 2020
The children enjoyed chocolate apple treats as part of their rewards for working...