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St Mary's PS Dechomet, Castlewellan

Castlewellan Show Prize Winners

15th Jan 2018

Pictured are the many winners from our school following their participation in the 'Crafts and Handwriting Competitions'. Judges Jacqui and Alex who presented the prizes were very impressed with the quality of the children's work and also with the very high number of pupils who were prize winners. Many of the pictured pupils actually won prizes for both Crafts and Handwriting.

We would also like to congratulate the following who are missing from the photograph.

Matthew McAlerney (1st prize yr 4 craft) Micah Cartwright (2nd prize yr 4 craft) and Sarah McArdle ( last year's yr 7 joint first winner in story telling) and Kailin Shields, Cara McAnulty and Amiee O'Higgins (also last year's yr 7 who were highly commended for handwriting).

Well done everyone!